Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q. What kind of devices are compatible with UO Smart Beam Laser?

A. UO Smart Beam laser can be connected to Android devices, PC, laptops, iOS devices, game consoles, and other electronic devices that have HDMI ports or wireless screen mirroring feature.

Q. Can my device connect to UO Smart Beam laser wirelessly?

A.  Yes, if your device supports screen mirroring (Android) or Airplay (iOS)

Q. How can my device connect to UO Smart Beam Laser wirelessly?

A. For Android phone, UO Smart Beam Laser needs to be in Media Mirroring mode. Look for the words “Media Mirroring (for firmware version 1.1.6 or above)” or “Miracast (for firmware version 1.1.5 or lower)”, or Android robot on the projected image. If not in the Media Mirroring mode, press the power button twice to switch to the correct mode. Then, find “Miracast”, “Screen Mirroring”, “Smart View”, “Cast Screen”, “Wi-Di”, “Screen Sharing” on your phone. Then, simply scan to find and connect to SMARTBEAMLASER if it doesn’t automatically do so. Watch our Video Tutorial!

A. For iPhone and other Apple devices that support Airplay, UO Smart Beam Laser needs to be in DLNA mode. Look for the word “DLNA (for firmware version 1.1.5 or lower)” or “Media Sharing (for firmware version 1.1.6 or above)”. If it’s not in DLNA mode, press the power button twice switch to the correct mode. Then, go to WiFi, connect to SMARTBEAMLASER. (Note that this does not mean that your phone is connected to WiFi. If you were using phone data, you are still using your phone data) Find Airplay on your device, and turn on mirroring option. Watch our Video Tutorial PLEASE NOTE: Although UO Smart Beam Laser can be connected to iOS devices wirelessly via Airplay, streaming contents from websites and mobile applications such as Netflix is blocked (Exception: YouTube). Also, depending on the internet connection, internet surfing maybe unreliable with airplay.
Thus, we strongly recommend iOS users to use a set of cables including *certified Micro HDMI to HDMI cable* and an *adapter made for your specific iOS device* to ensure your ultimate viewing experience. Please refer to the question below to learn about the cables for iOS devices.

Q. How can my device connect to UO Smart Beam Laser using cables?

A. Please refer to the Compatibility Chart to find out what kind of cables your device requires. If your device is not on the list, you can check yourself or consult the seller/manufacturer of your device to see if it supports HDMI

A. To simply put, UO Smart Beam Laser receives video/image contents received from micro HDMI/MHL port. Your device will have to have either one of those or support HDMI to connect with the projector.

Depending on your device, it may be able to connect with the projector with a MHL cable with/without a pin converter, both included in the box. Some devices will require cables such as *HDMI to Micro HDMI cable* and *slimport*, they are sold separately.

Galaxy S5 & later Galaxy S models no longer have MHL support, thus can only be connected to UO Smart Beam Laser wirelessly.

<NEW> With Galaxy S8, Samsung reintroduced MHL support on its smartphones, therefore hardwired connection would be supported with *HDMI to Micro HDMI cable* and with a proper adapter

iOS devices need special adapters to connect with HDMI cable. You would need a *HDMI to Micro HDMI cable* and Apple adapter/converter. Please go to Apple to find the correct one for your device. Watch our Video Tutorial

A. For computers and laptops, use *HDMI to micro HDMI cable* (sold separately). Please watch our Video Tutorial. For Mac laptops that do not have HDMI port, use *micro HDMI to HDMI cable* and Apple cable

A. For other electronic devices such as gaming consoles, use *micro HDMI to HDMI cable* (sold separately) with/without an adapter/converter. Refer to this Video Tutorial

Q. How can I watch YouTube videos on my Apple device without using the cables? 

A. UO Smart Beam Laser must be updated to the firmware 1.1.9  you will be able to open both YouTube app and YouTube website and watch all the cat videos you wanted! Please watch Video Tutorial to learn how you can update UO Smart Beam Laser’s firmware.

Q. Can UO Smart Beam Laser run while charging?

A. Yes. Keep in mind though that it takes longer for the device to charge to full capacity when it’s being used

Q. How long does UO Smart Beam Laser run when not charging?

A. It can run up to 2 hours with fully charged battery

Q. How do I control the volume of my video?

A. You can control the volume on your electronic device that is paired up with UO Smart Beam Laser. If your UO Smart Beam Laser’s firmware is 1.1.5 or higher, you can control the volume from mute to  5 by pressing the power button of the projector

Q.Can I use external audio device?

A. For Android devices, simply connect your smartphone to UO Smart Beam Laser. Then, pair up your smartphone with your favorite Bluetooth speaker or plug in any external audio device to audio jack. If you wish to watch downloaded or saved videos on your phone, make sure you open the video file through Google’s Photos (Default Google app in Android phones) instead of your phone’s Gallery or Pictures.

A. For iOS devices, you would also have to directly pair up your mobile device with bluetooth speaker. *NOTE you can only use bluetooth speaker if your iOS device is connected to UO Smart Beam Laser using cables. Watch our Video Tutorial

Q. Why should I update my UO Smart Beam Laser’s Firmware, and how do I do it?

A. New firmware versions are introduced so UO Smart Beam Laser can keep up with new electronic devices and their software. To ensure that UO Smart Beam Laser runs smoothly, it is highly recommended that you update your firmware whenever new update is available. You can find out about news on firmware updates on this blog, official website, and KDCUSA’s social network sites.

Q. What do I do when UO Smart Beam Laser freezes?

A. When UO Smart Beam Laser freezes, reset the device by pressing the reset button with a pointy tip, such as a ballpoint pen or a pin. The projector will shut off.

Q. How do I clean UO Smart Beam Laser’s lens?

A. The answer is you don’t. Thanks to our laser technology, little bit of dust and smear on the lens will not affect the projection of image. Also, wiping the lens even with very soft cloth can actually cause scratches and re-positioning of the lens. If you take proper care of the projector and always keep it inside a box or a pouch when not in use, the lens will not need any professional cleaning

Q. Where can I get Quick User’s Guide or User’s Manual?

A. If you misplaced your Quick User’s Guide and/or User’s Manual, you can download them on our official website

Q. Does UO Smart Beam Laser NX work the same as UO Smart Beam Laser?

A. No. The NX version is a completely different model; and we, KDCUSA, are not the distributor of this projector. Please contact the store/seller from which you purchased the product should you need assistance.

Q. Does UO Beam 2 work the same as UO Smart Beam Laser?

A. No. KDCUSA is not the distributor of this projector. Please contact the store/seller from which you purchased the product should you need assistance.


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Last updated: 12/15/17