Do you know how to control volume on UO Smart Beam Laser??

This is frequently asked question:
Does UO Smart Beam Laser volume can be controlled?
The answer is, Yes! & the power button also works like a volume button. Slowly press it and it goes from mute to level 6.


Do you know how to update your Firmware on PC?

Having hard time updating the firmware using Wi-Fi for UO Smart Beam Laser?

Try hardwired update with computer.

If your UO FW is originally 1.1.5 & above, firmware can be updated in Window 8 & 10.

If your UO FW is originally 1.1.4 & below, firmware can be updated in Window 7.


Here’s how:…/FW_Download_Method_FactoryTool.pd…

And click here to download FW factory tool:

Media Sharing & Media Mirroring

UO Smart Beam Laser requires an Operating System installed device to play any contents such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, game console, etc. via cables or Wi-Fi (requires 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4/5.0 Ghz).

To connect via Wi-Fi with Apples product, please set UO mode on Media Sharing mode and Android for Media Mirroring mode. You can simply double click the power button to change the mode.


Here’s how:

iOS users!!!

ATTENTION iOS (Apple) Users: Although UO Smart Beam Laser can be connected to iOS devices wirelessly via Airplay (UO must be updated to the latest firmware), streaming video contents from websites and mobile applications such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. are may blocked from Airplay. Thus, we strongly recommend iOS users to use a set of cables *Certified Micro HDMI cable and an **Apple adapter designed for your specific device to ensure your ultimate viewing experience.

UO must be updated to the latest firmware update in order to connect through mirroring with iPhone or iPad. However, if iOS itself has a newer firmware update, mirroring option might become unavailable for a short period of time depending on how fast the manufacturer updates the firmware.

Don’t mistake me for NX

We’re frequently contacted by customers with issues they have with their UO Smart Beam Laser NX Big Bang Edition.

And we have to inform them that we cannot help because:

  1. UO Smart Beam Laser is not the same as UO Smart Beam Laser NX
  2. We, KDCUSA, are not a distributor of UO Smart Beam Laser NX
  3. We do not know anything about UO Smart Beam Laser NX except for the official specs found on the web & what it looks like

The two projectors look almost identical and share the same words in their names. However, the two devices are completely different & our tutorial videos on YouTube will not work for setting up NX.

Please contact the store/seller from which you purchased the product should you need any assistance.

Where is Airplay on my iOS 11?

screen mirroring

Now, you’ve updated your UO Smart Beam Laser to Firmware 1.1.9. Great.

You connect your Apple device’s Wi-Fi to SMARTBEAMLASER, great.

You open the control panel to turn on Airplay.

Where is Airplay?


Airplay now has a new name “Screen Mirroring” while the icon stayed the same.

Press on the Screen Mirroring button, wait until SMARTBEAMLASER pops up then connect away!