Celebrate Thanksgiving all month long


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Where is Airplay on my iOS 11?

screen mirroring

Now, you’ve updated your UO Smart Beam Laser to Firmware 1.1.9. Great.

You connect your Apple device’s Wi-Fi to SMARTBEAMLASER, great.

You open the control panel to turn on Airplay.

Where is Airplay?


Airplay now has a new name “Screen Mirroring” while the icon stayed the same.

Press on the Screen Mirroring button, wait until SMARTBEAMLASER pops up then connect away!






Firmware 1.1.9 is Available for update


The new firmware 1.1.9 that will fix the issue with Airplay is officially available for update.

We thank everyone so much for waiting.

To update the firmware, please refer to this video tutorial. Also, if you have trouble playing YouTube after the update, please reinstall the YouTube app.

Lastly, please note that this update is not necessary for people who do not use Airplay.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day 😀

Important Notice About IOS 11

If you are using your UO Smart Beam Laser with an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple mobile device, please note:

The new iOS 11 will not allow wireless connection with UO Smart Beam Laser. Please refrain from updating your Apple devices to the latest software until our engineering team releases a new firmware that will solve this issue. We appreciate your cooperation & support.