When choosing a pico projector, there are three crucial parts you need to consider.

Is it portable? Is it bright enough? Is it high definition?

It’s easy to assume that you  have to prioritize the features and sacrifice one or more- because it’s a mini projector it can’t possibly be equipped with everything.

But are you willing to see images that are no brighter than a candle light because it’s HD  and as small as your cellphone?

Well, the fact is that you don’t want a projector that you can only use in a room with no light source when you can get your hand on a pico projector that is equipped with everything.


UO Smart Beam Laser is truly a smart gadget that delivers portability, brightness and clarity all the while being the first pico laser projector to be completely safe to eyes.

Let’s throw some numbers out so you know exactly what makes such claims true.

UO Smart Beam Laser is a 2 inch cube that weighs less than half a pound. It can easily fit in your purse or in the palm of your hand. You can carry and put it wherever you want.

How about you take it to a camping trip?

UO Smart Beam Laser is one of the brightness pico projectors in the bunch. It’s maximum brightness is rated at 100 lumens. Yup, that’s right, one hundred while the average ANSI lumen for pico projectors are 32. And 100 lumens means you don’t have to seek out the darkest places to watch something.

Projecting clear image is another thing UO Smart Beam Laser is known for. The mini projector projects up to 150 inch HD screen (1280 x 720). No video you play will look pixely or blurry. Thanks to Focus Free technology, you never have to lift a finger to adjust the focus of an image either.

See? Told ya there is not one feature you need to give up. Actually, there are more things you can gain.

UO Smart Beam Laser has a strong battery that runs approximately for 2 hours with one charge; so a charger is one less thing you need to carry around. It’s also equipped with a built-in speaker that gets impressively loud. And last but definitely not least cool thing about this projector is that it was approved by FDA for having a class 1 Laser. Which basically means that the laser is harmless to your eyes. So, don’t freak out if you accidentally look into the laser- but if it’s your friend’s projector that does not have class 1 laser, do freak out.

UO Smart Beam Laser also comes with one year warranty at KDCUSA.com


click to watch the video


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