Why Class 1 Laser?

Why Class 1 Laser? 🤔

“UO Smart Beam Laser” and “Laser Beam Pro C200” have specialties that other projectors cannot beat.
Until now, most projectors used either LED, LCD or DLP as the light source and focus needed to be adjusted manually for such projectors and it could be bothersome to adjust the focus of presented screen every single time. To provide the best quality and convenience, UO Smart Beam Laser and Laser Beam Pro C200 solved this focus adjustment problem. They are absolutely FOCUS FREE, which means that the presented image is never out of focus regardless of surface it is displayed on. Our laser technology also makes it possible for the projector to produce vivid colors incomparable to those by other LED, LCD and DLP projectors.
UO Smart Beam Laser and Laser Beam Pro are the ONLY projectors with the Class 1 laser in the world. A Class 1 laser is safe under all conditions of normal use.
The Class 1 Laser used in our projectors is assessed with FDA#1611158-000. With the highly-advanced laser technology, UO Smart Beam Laser and Laser Beam Pro has earned CES innovation awards 3 consecutive years.😍
The advantage of our Class 1 Laser engine is that it has the same stability as an LED or a general light source, while achieving Focus Free and even brighter vivid color.

– You can get more detail information about Laser classification:
👉 goo.gl/lARHhQ

– Government website regarding the Laser safety:
👉 goo.gl/M6aJto

– The difference of ‘Coherent’ between LED vs. Laser:
👉 https://goo.gl/duLtpA

– Where to buy?
UO Smart Beam Laser
Laser Beam Pro C200


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