Where is Airplay on my iOS 11?

screen mirroring

Now, you’ve updated your UO Smart Beam Laser to Firmware 1.1.9. Great.

You connect your Apple device’s Wi-Fi to SMARTBEAMLASER, great.

You open the control panel to turn on Airplay.

Where is Airplay?


Airplay now has a new name “Screen Mirroring” while the icon stayed the same.

Press on the Screen Mirroring button, wait until SMARTBEAMLASER pops up then connect away!







2 thoughts on “Where is Airplay on my iOS 11?

  1. Sorry I have upgraded to 1.19 for my NX bean but still a lot of App can’t compatibles the AirPlay from iphone.it is stopping in black screen. My iso version is using 11.2 and same problem for iso 11.1. If there no way to going fix this. My beam is useless and will go to trash


  2. Hi, Sueko, unfortunately, NX is not the same model as UO Smart Beam Laser, and we do not carry that model. Please contact the store/seller from which you purchased the device for assistance. 🙂


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