Firmware 1.1.9 is Available for update


The new firmware 1.1.9 that will fix the issue with Airplay is officially available for update.

We thank everyone so much for waiting.

To update the firmware, please refer to this video tutorial. Also, if you have trouble playing YouTube after the update, please reinstall the YouTube app.

Lastly, please note that this update is not necessary for people who do not use Airplay.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day 😀


33 thoughts on “Firmware 1.1.9 is Available for update

  1. Hi, the airplay function still buggy.
    No one media cast app on the market and my application can send video or audio to device thru wifi.
    Can I help to modifi codes?
    Have You sorce codes or it is rembranded rom?
    Why You dont use android 4.4 version? Is more stable.


    01-01 00:02:53.050 420-420/? D/CCMediaplayer: Stability_Test(^_^): Destory SurfaceClient and SurfaceControl
    01-01 00:02:53.050 59-1087/? D/FrameQueueManage: FrameQueueManage::Displayframe stoped
    01-01 00:02:53.050 59-288/? I/FrameQueueManage: FrameQueueManage::~FrameQueueManage end!

    [ 01-01 00:02:53.080 420: 420 D/ ]
    Video Render: CCMediaplayer::openURL creating a thread to open video…
    01-01 00:02:53.080 302-409/? D/lollipop_socket_ipc: [socket-msg] IPC_UI_HIDE
    01-01 00:02:53.080 302-409/? D/lollipop_socket_ipc: Server exited.
    01-01 00:02:53.080 420-420/? D/lollipop_socket_ipc: Data Sended:IPC_UI_HIDE.
    01-01 00:02:53.080 420-420/? D/lollipop_socket_ipc: Client exited.
    01-01 00:02:53.090 420-1096/? E/MediaPlayer: Attempt to call getDuration without a valid mediaplayer
    01-01 00:02:53.120 420-1095/? D/CCMediaplayer: Stability_Test(^_^): Create SurfaceClient and SurfaceControl
    01-01 00:02:53.120 59-59/? I/AwesomePlayer: AwesomePlayer::AwesomePlayer()in
    01-01 00:02:53.120 59-59/? I/AwesomePlayer: AwesomePlayer::AwesomePlayer()aftermClient.connect()
    01-01 00:02:53.120 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: StagefrightPlayer
    01-01 00:02:53.120 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: initCheck
    01-01 00:02:53.120 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: SetDataSource(VideoURL=)
    01-01 00:02:53.120 59-59/? I/AwesomePlayer: setDataSource_l(”)
    01-01 00:02:53.120 420-1095/? D/CCMediaplayer: SetDataSource(VideoURL=)
    01-01 00:02:53.120 420-420/? D/LoadingAnimation: @_@ LoadingAnimation::showAnimation Instance=0x4077f5b0
    01-01 00:02:53.120 420-437/? E/MediaPlayer: start called in state 4
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: Notify Video Event[…….MEDIA_SET_VIDEO_SIZE]
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: ext1=0, ext2=0
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: scale_x = Inf
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: scale_y = Inf
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: scale = Inf
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: new width = 0
    01-01 00:02:53.130 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: new height = 0
    01-01 00:02:53.150 58-71/? E/BufferQueue: [CCMediaplayer] setDefaultBufferSize: dimensions cannot be 0 (w=0, h=0)
    01-01 00:02:53.150 420-1062/? D/CCMediaplayer: Notify Video Event[……………..MEDIA_PREPARED]
    01-01 00:02:53.150 420-1095/? D/CCMediaplayer: Player Is In State[Prepared]
    01-01 00:02:53.150 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: setLooping
    01-01 00:02:53.150 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: setLooping
    01-01 00:02:53.150 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: start
    01-01 00:02:53.150 59-1068/? V/StagefrightPlayer: setVideoSurfaceTexture
    01-01 00:02:53.150 420-1095/? D/CCMediaplayer: Player Is In State[Playing]
    01-01 00:02:53.150 420-1095/? D/CCMediaplayer: Stability_Test(^_^): Create Video Thread OK, Exit thread…
    01-01 00:02:53.240 59-288/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition
    01-01 00:02:53.240 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getDuration
    01-01 00:02:53.250 59-1068/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition
    01-01 00:02:53.350 59-288/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition
    01-01 00:02:53.350 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getDuration
    01-01 00:02:53.460 59-1068/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition
    01-01 00:02:53.460 59-288/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getDuration
    01-01 00:02:53.560 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition
    01-01 00:02:53.560 59-1068/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getDuration
    01-01 00:02:53.670 59-288/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition
    01-01 00:02:53.670 59-59/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getDuration
    01-01 00:02:53.780 59-1068/? V/StagefrightPlayer: getCurrentPosition


  2. Hello, I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems after the update. There is no way to downgrade the firmware, you can only reinstall the same firmware with the driver.
    Please contact us at so we can assist you with this matter immediately, thank you 🙂


  3. hey, just upgraded to 1.1.9 and connected device to a wifi, tried to screen mirror youtube after redownloading and projector goes to a black output. latest ios installed on iphone10, plz advise!


  4. Hi,

    after upgrading from IOS 10 to IOS 11, then upgrading the smart beam projector to the 11.9 FW, the projector stop functioning well ( this is an understatement) i see all the comments below, they describe well my situation as well.

    when are you fixing it? when is 11.20 FW version that fixes this bugs will be released?


  5. Hi KDC,

    thank you very much for your response, im checking this page every week looking for your response..

    i have upgraded to version 1.2.0 on my smart beam laser, when going in to Youtube for example and watching a video in full screen i get “Smart beam is not connected to WIFI” massage on the projector.

    when downsizing the video ( not full screen) it start working again..

    this was the same problem in version 1.1.9 and it seams this hasn’t been resolved. don’t you guys do QA?

    please advise how to more forward

    much appriciated


  6. ok… one more comment,

    if i connect the projector to my home wifi network it works in full screen.

    this must be a bug, why do i have to connect to projector to a network to see in full screen things i run on my phone?!?!

    please advise.


  7. Erez, we are glad to hear that you were able to solve the issue. This is likely an issue caused by new YouTube app update. It has been reported to the engineering team. We hope this can be fixed with the new firmware update.
    Thank you, happy new year!


  8. My UO smart beam laser proyector can’t connect to my iOS device by Hdmi cable, by wifi works well, but the image in a movie get several pauses.

    I want to connect my iPhone or iPad by cdmi cable, but the projector don’t recognize.

    Can you help me?



  9. Having hard time updating the firmware using Wi-Fi for UO Smart Beam Laser?

    Try hardwired update with computer.

    If your UO FW is originally 1.1.5 & above, firmware can be updated in Window 8 & 10.

    If your UO FW is originally 1.1.4 & below, firmware can be updated in Window 7.

    Here’s how:…/FW_Download_Method_FactoryTool.pd…

    And click here to download FW factory tool:

    or Set UO on Media Sharing (DLNA: Orange Color) mode and find your device ‘Setting > Wi-Fi > SMARTBEAMLASER-XXXXXX’. Open an internet window and type on the address bar. You will guide into the web page with ‘Setting’, ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘F/W Upgrade’ buttons. Search Wi-Fi and find your AP (Wi-Fi and enter password) to connect. This procedure is for UO to connect Wi-Fi in your home or office. Once it’s connected, go back to home page and click F/W Upgrade. This may take up to 10 min. depends on your Wi-Fi connectivity.


  10. I have upgraded my SmartBeam firmware to 1.2 and after rebooting it seems that airplay it not working anymore. Please advice how I can get it to work again.


  11. Hi, after i upgraded my uo smartbeam software to 1.2.0, the projector shuts off automatically after a few minutes of connection. This happens to screen mirroring and airplay. The battery is full and everything is fine before the 1.2.0. Before i have 1.1.8 version and i could watch movies for 2 hours. But now, it shuts off after 2 minutes. Please help to solve this problem.


  12. Hi,

    your after testing 1.2.0 it is better, but far from working as it should.

    can you please advise the way to downgrade to 1.1.8 version as i got with my device initially?


  13. sorry guys, personally, i think you have crapy support.

    i wouldn’t recommend buying your products as once you introduce a firmware upgrade that will make the new shiny device we just bought become useless and then you never attend to fix it.




  14. Please give instructions how to downgrade to firmware that is working or introduce one which works.
    I want to use the device with Airplay as it was originally purchased for.



  15. same here I cannot upgrade from1.2 I really don’t understand what to do … I live in Italy and the product was purchased from states…is there any way i can solve this problem


  16. My Smart Beam Laser shows on the GUI, that a firmware 1.21 is available, has someone installed this one?
    I’m still on 1.20 which is working for me, after the posts above I will not really update.


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