At CES 2017


Every year, new and innovative ideas and products are introduced at #CES                           And this year at CES, we showcased our beloved UO Smart Beam Laser like you’ve never seen before and also showed off our cool laser optical engines used in the projectors.

We will see you next year 😉


ANNOUNCEMENT: NX (BB10) / New model (EX)

ANNOUNCEMENT: NX (BB10) / New model (EX)
We are very happy that so many of you are interested in our projectors. We receive tons of emails, messages, and calls asking about the next model and NX BB10 model that is already out.
We want to clarify couple things so everyone is up to date on the issues!

First, let’s start with the NX BB10 model.
NX model is NOT the next version of UO Smart Beam Laser
and we, KDC does not nor have the plans to distribute NX for couple reasons, including the two most important ones:
1. Despite the name, the product does not use laser as a light source, but LED
2. Because it is not a laser projector, it does not have focus-free feature, the feature we think is very important in portable projector and what sets laser projector apart from LED and DLP ones.
*We want to make clear that we do not and cannot provide any kind of customer service / warranty service for NX device.

Now, about the new model called EX. Most of you have read online that it is coming out this fall. However, please note that it is a statement not made by anyone here at KDC, but someone attended an expo and saw our flyer promoting the EX model that was only a prototype.
In reality, the EX model will be out in the summer of 2017.
The exact release date / price / spec information are not available at this time.

New Firmware 1.1.8 is Out!


Rejoice, Apple Users!
Firmware version 1.1.8 is finally out and you can now enjoy wireless compatibility with UO Smart Beam Laser again!!
What’s more, with the new firmware, you can now stream YouTube videos for the first time!!
No, it’s not Christmas yet, but we sure feel like celebrating.
We thank everyone for waiting so patiently.
For those who have never updated the firmware or need a reminder, please check here.